About Us

Welcome and Hello! My name is Asgar Dungarwalla and I am the owner and founder of GiftsOnline4U. I bet you're wondering what a gift company has to do with children's books?

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I realised that if my daughter's were still young, I wouldn't know how to explain to them about the Coronavirus pandemic. I have two young 'great'-nephews, both of whom had to be taken out of nursery, were not allowed to go and play in the park or go and see their family. I was on a video call with the eldest of the two and was trying to explain why we had to wash our hands and why it was so important - what I realised is that a tool was needed to explain this to help.

That's where my first ebook developed. I wanted to create a book that put the child at the centre and allowed them to see themself in the story. Not just that though, I wanted to give back help to make the lives of parents easier during what was a terrible time in all of our lives. My team continued to develop a range of ebooks to support parents during the pandemic - we came up with activities, colouring books and designed new products to help them keep their kids occupied.

Since the pandemic has progressed and I've thought about our changing behaviours and the restrictions that have been put in place on us... one of the things for me that has not changed, is my love of creating imaginative experiences for my consumers.

So, here we have our personalised children's hub which at the moment just houses a range of personalised children's books, that you can either download for free as a PDF or purchase as a hard bound book if you would like. Our books bring children to the centre - allowing you to create a personalised avatar, add their name, friends and family and bring your child into the heart of the story.

I hope you enjoy the experience we've created for you.