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Megan's walked down the hill to Honey pot cottage, to meet her friend, Beau. It was a beautiful snowy morning in India. She couldn’t wait to speak to Beau Bear about the letter she wanted to write to Santa.


As Megan's entered Beau’s house, she eagerly ran to Beau’s bedroom where the two friends talked about how much they were looking forward to Christmas.

Beau asked Megan's if she would like to go with him and his father Buddy to get a Christmas Tree.

“Yes, I’d really like that, but I want to talk to you about my letter to Santa, I’ve never written one before and I thought you could show me how to write it.”

“I can definitely help you with that, Megan's, but let’s talk about it when we get back from buying the Christmas Tree.”

At the garden center Buddy, Beau and Megan's look around at all the Christmas Trees. Buddy, asked Beau which tree he would like to buy.

When Beau had chosen the tree, Buddy picked it up and loaded it onto their truck, whilst the two friends jumped into the passenger’s seat.

Back at Honey pot cottage the whole bear family and their little friend Megan's, set about decorating the tree.